HeliDubai Terms and Conditions

  • Over 48 hours in advance         – No charges applied

  • Less than 48 hours in advance – 50% of the booked cost will be charged

  • Less than 24 hours in advance – 100% of the reserved price will be charged

  • No-shows will be charged in full with no refunds.

  • In the event of adverse weather conditions or other external factors out of our reasonable control, the flight may be canceled at short notice without any charges being applied to the client. Flights can be rescheduled as agreed. Otherwise, a refund will be issued.

For the safety and comfort of all passengers on board, we have set a safety weight limit of 115 kilograms per passenger per seat. We kindly request passengers to provide accurate weight information at the time of booking. Failure to provide accurate information will lead to cancellation of flight with non-refundable ticket. In the event that a variance in weight is identified at the time of travel, or if the passenger’s weight is beyond the limit, exceeding our aircraft’s weight carrying capacity, we offer the following options:

  1.  Passengers whose weight approaches or surpasses this limit are not given a guarantee to fly due to passenger’s safety weight limit. By clicking “Continue” to proceed you agreed to the terms and conditions, accepting the risk of not able to fly due to weight restrictions and a non-refundable ticket. Call 800 359 or email tours@daw.ae for more info.
  2. Consider opting for a private flight rather than sharing with other passengers to get higher chance of taking the flight.
  3. If rescheduling the flight is not feasible, passengers whose weight exceeds or closely approaches the limit are kindly encouraged to purchase an additional seat to maintain the proper weight and balance of the aircraft.
  4. Our maximum weight limit is 140kg. Passengers who exceed the 140kg weight limit will not be permitted to fly.

As much as we want everyone to fly with our helicopter tours, helicopter flights also have weight capacity constraints and other regulations governing the aircraft’s balance. In certain situations, we may need to reschedule specific flights, even if all passengers are within the weight limit, due to the overall weight exceeding the safe limit for takeoff. Lastly, we regret to inform that we are unable to provide a helicopter tour if seat belt extender is required.
For further information, please feel free to reach out to our HeliDubai call center team. Call 800 359 or email tours@daw.ae.

  • If the overall weight exceeds the restrictions, the operator may move or merge the passenger with another flight to comply with the regulations and rules. Sometimes, the flight may be rescheduled or rebooked to another day if not accommodated, or a refund is provided.
  • The seating arrangement or allocation is per the weight distribution to balance the aircraft.
  • HeliDubai has the right to refuse carriage without the technical capability of the aircraft equipment or other reasons at the company’s sole discretion.
  • Passengers will be subject to security control as per GCAA regulations. Baggage / large bags/purses are not allowed on board the helicopter and must be left at the designated lockers.
  • A carry-on bag for medical purposes may be allowed but limited to personal effects (i.e., essential items only).
  • HeliDubai reserves the right to use any photos or videos acquired by any means for personal promotion on social media and others.
  • Casual tourist photography and video are allowed. Commercial photography is not permitted. The Pilot has the final authority to refuse photography during a flight for any reason.

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