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BMX Heli Drop In Dubai | with Kriss Kyle

BMX star Kriss Kyle pulls crazy stunts on Dubai’s most famous landmarks from the helicopter. 

Things you must do : Top 5 in the world you'll enjoy the most

HeliDubai continues to rank the top of the list in polarity. Witness the most memorable ways to discover Dubai’s magical landmarks 

Zoom out. What’s the big picture here?

A helicopter tour is an indulgent but incredible way to appreciate the sheer size of Dubai.

HeliDubai pilot says working on Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

Helicopter pilot Andy Nettleton tells us about his experiences working in Abu Dhabi on the biggest film of the year

A world renowned Dubai helicopter chartering company

Dubai is undoubtedly the most iconic city in the world and taking an aerial tour of Dubai is the only way to see the city sights at once.

Versace 'Fly In Style' Package

The partnership allows travelers to get preferential rates for the helicopter tour while staying at the Palazzo Versace Dubai

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